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August 23, 2007
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Ateneo Workshop Poster by blitzworx Ateneo Workshop Poster by blitzworx
Layouts by: :iconomniskriba:
Art by: :iconkougen: :iconcomipa:

Rush Job so be gentle ^___^

Mangaholix will conducting a comic workshop in Ateneo as a part of our Mangaholix School tour this upcoming August 18 and 25 from 8am to 12pm. It's open to all FAS members.

Hey Guys, ( LOL I just copy pasted this ) <---- :iconcrissey:

Do you love scriptwriting? How about computer coloring?
Do you want to learn how to ink and tone? Then we've got something for you.
We've managed to grab a great line-up for you for
August August 25 and Sept 8's Mangaholix workshop!
The Freelance Art Society is launching the Mangaholix project -- Digital Cuts.
It's a scriptwriting, computer coloring, inking and toning, penciling and mangaholix workshop all rolled into one!
This workshop is geared to teach interested parties like YOU,
the "ins" and "outs" of DIGITAL ART.
Not to mention, you get hands-on experience, talks, forums, critiques, games, and more!

When: August 25; 8:00am-12:00nn and Sept. 8 1:00 - 6:00pm
Where: Ching Tan
Bring: pencil, eraser, sketchpad, coloring materials and your portfolio ^-^

Hurry! Slots are limited! Only the first 22 participants will be
accommodated the first 30 participants on the 25th.
To confirm your slot, send an email containing your name and the
date you wanted to participate in to

Our Speakers will include:iconkougen: and :iconneurowing: on pencils, :iconcomipa: on inking and toning, Kraust and Midknighter's scribe :icongroundskeeper:, :iconomniskirba: and Angel Ace scribe Marco Dimaano on scriptwriting, :iconenchance: on coloring

We will also have :icon2ngaw: and :icontwisted666: present to conduct portfolio reviews after the workshop

Also in attendance: :iconjdelossantos: :iconminsan: :iconfoodtrip: :iconrafallegatus:

Special thanks to: :iconfreelanceartsociety: :iconpeachjuice: :iconblackmage9: :iconcrissey:

09178536215 to reserve for slots
09178536215 to reserve for slots
09178536215 to reserve for slots
09178536215 to reserve for slots
09178536215 to reserve for slots

See you guys there! ^_^
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wah! sa ateneo lang ba may ganitu?? @_@
sana sa school din!!! *A*
Depends... What school are you from? We're going to UST this Sept 15... other schools to follow... ^__^
CSB po... sana meron~!! *A*
guabobe Aug 23, 2007
... I can't wait for college.
We can also visit high schools but it depends on the location ^_^ We're currently focused on Metro Manila only
guabobe Aug 24, 2007
Then it's not a problem:D Xavier School's withing metro anyway:D
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